FUJI spaces and other places is an online yearlong computational composition, with ten found web cameras all looking at the Fuji Mountain in Japan. Images of the mountain collected during January 1st to December 31st 2010, every five minutes from live web broadcasts and processed in real-time into compositions available live-online as the work unfolded throughout the year and as a time-lapse footage hereafter.
The compositions result from the conditions of the web cameras (resolution, size, availability), the light and weather condition (day and night, Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn) and custom software. Throughout the year, and on a monthly basis, the software conducts each camera as an instrument and generates a score, which forms the compositions, while viewers can witness the process as it evolves.
FUJI spaces and other places examine the physical and virtual distance to real in terms of location - adoring beauty from afar. Challenging mediated understanding to authenticity of networked, spatiotemporal experiences of distant nature, sacred sites, and sacred icons.

FUJI spaces and other places final piece on display, providing a record of 2010's compositions, is available here and can be viewed as a durational piece. Gallery goers as well as online participants can interact with the piece as they explore past moments.