Nothing Happens

Viewer’s clicks effect the object to move in small increments. This advances the scene forward until the object tips over. Likewise it captures snapshot-images of the object. The images eventually are accumulated to a footage sequence: a stop motion animation sequence. The three acts are performed sequentially, each within duration of a few days to a week time. These performances are linear and terminal; they end when the object falls.

Nothing Happens

Live-Stream snapshots sequence (compressed)
Security Camera, Color, 2006

click to view collective image sequence of act1 | act2 | act3

Each web interface allows users to login. With every click the username in addition to a sequential number is added to each frame. Users could identify their contribution to the overall outcome of the collaborative result and at the same time view other participant’s contribution. Participants can browse through the entire history of the performance both during it and after its conclusion. The end results in three footage sequences of the combined moments of each and every act.

Nothing Happens [box] web-interface:

1) The scene is broadcasted in real-time, through live video stream.

2) User’s clicks is transmitted to the on-site physical installation.

3) The number of clicks are transmitted in real-time.

4) As clicks are transmitted to the installation, images are taken, all of which are archived.

5) When the performance is concluded these images are combined to a collective creative result: a stop-motion-animation sequence.


This work explores the intersection between spontaneity and human control. Within a tight set of rules, determined in advance the artist is relinquishing a measure of control to the audience. The spectacular, "happening" nature of these three simple installations, underscores an irony which in turn examines the relationship between performer and performing object, viewer and participant, mediated and unmediated, near and far.