Selbstreflexion (Imagining You) is an interactive video installation, designed for a room with a two-way mirror, where the viewer is simultaneously confronted, on the same mirror surface, by both his familiar reflection and a CCTV projection of it. Using a simple installation of a camera, a projector and two-way mirror in a feed back loop, the projected image and reflected image - reversed image of one self - juxtapose the way one sees his own self and how others see him.

This double self-portrait, complete each other. The observer's body, replaces the "art object", thus bridges between art and life. While the mundane act of looking in the mirror produces an image of the real, the projected image produces a by-product artifact,

My goal here was to explore the fundamental nature of interactivity while reducing the amount of technology. Leaving only the key elements of interactive work of art, as the viewer becomes a performer. The work title Selbstreflexion is in German to stress the notion of external self-examination.