The Subway Show is a performance for video. The performance frames the familiar in order to point out both the obvious as a unique event and the desire, which is to be swept away by things we encounter in our everyday life.

The Subway, a space where strangers, gather everyday, sit tightly close to each other. Some observe other people, others read. Like a time machine that holds its passengers while they commute to their destinations, it enables its own momentary world to exist within its locomotive yet still space. Bringing a living room setting to this public space, achieved an intimacy between the artists and the commuters as well as between the commuters themselves. Swapping these environments with the rescue of a few objects the public and cold white-neon subway car becomes a more cozy and intimate space.

Similar to talk shows the video is re-viewed in private spaces, where it turns into a window to an outer world, one in which we become familiar with strangers.