13111 2 :::Consciousness of Habits:::
Nurit Bar-Shai & Rami Maymon

Wisely, and quite literally elegantly bypassing the “consumption, documentation, death” one-liner, Bar-Shai and Maymon, through a tight grip on every aesthetic aspect and with brilliant flirtations with the background music (recorded in the process of filming, not superimposed), turn to offer us a demonstration of, and a commentary on, the latent art in the activities of our familiar cultural landscape. They draw attention to the accumulated splendor of our continuous dialogs with social conventions in—not precisely our everyday life—but in its consciously and willingly acquired super-ego: our everyday lifestyle. The choice of music, on this background, is especially fascinating. Icons of Americana (remember, this film was created in Israel), they all date back to the 1950’s and 60’s, birthplace of the positive surplus, and the very same period in which the term “lifestyle” was first coined, pushing us not just to consume differently, but also to consume more.

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