13111 2 :::Consciousness of Habits:::
Nurit Bar-Shai & Rami Maymon

The mechanics of this work are fascinating. Against every early guess, this video—again, a 45-minute long, dialog-free, single shot from a static camera—is not only non-excruciating, it is absolutely captivating, and it never fails to deliver on those tacit promises that turn it so. Both the expectation for a grande finale and for an insight are fully met. Watching as the tablecloth patterns accumulate, the viewer is at once filled with curious optimism about the end of this process, and as he slips into a meditative mode following the unfolding of the silent processes, a set of questions and observations start to privately emerge—is this tablecloth like a sonogram print, visually recording the visual yet intangible? By what means did the literal vertical projection of otherwise a set of accessories for a banal still-life composition turn into such a monumental echo of abstract and minimalist art? Almost unnoticeably, by the sheer force of its directness – the breathing space of a (very) long shot, the ease of the performers’ comportment, and the defined yet not loud color scheme— this video turns into an almost interactive experience.

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